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Sustainable Procurement.

Easier, faster buying decisions that align with  green,  ethical, and  local
regulatory requirements.

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“This is the future.”
Jacob Jaber, CEO of Philz Coffee
“...cutting-edge and clearly fills a large gap in the marketplace.”
Brad Hall, Director of Policy & Research at Office of Al Gore
“Our customers love learning our sustainability story through; it has significantly bolstered our brand.”
Omar Restom, CEO of Chefler

Search, analyze, and track sustainability impacts for 29,000+ products

Discover sustainable products.

We've auto-magically annotated and analyzed thousands of products to make it easier for you to search and discover sustainable products. Discovering sustainable products has never been easier.

Analyze & make
sustainable decisions.

Our easy-to-use comparison tool makes it easy for you to quickly compare multiple products and make your final decision.

Track your impacts over time.

We will automatically generate reports and keep track of historic purchases and searches to make it easier for you to track your sustainability impacts over time. The more the use ProductBio, the better it gets.