Knowledge for the Conscious Economy

ProductBIO provides cities with data-driven tools and insights to purchase more effectively, efficiently and sustainably

Know what sustainability
means by product category.

Quickly compare multiple products to make decisons based on what actually matters by category. Access comparative metrics and efficiencies that weren’t available before from 3rd party certifiers. Big data meets supply chain sustainability to provide reliable product category rules.

Discover products best
fitted to your requirements.

We've annotated and analyzed over 1 million product supply chains to make it easier for you to deeply search and discover sustainable products by exact feature requirements. Discovering products and accessing reliable environmental product declarations has never been easier.

Track, trace, & report on
your total consumption footprints.

We automatically generate your quarterly and year-end spending reports so you can keep track of historic purchases, making it easy to report compliance to environmental, social, fiscal metrics over time. The more you use ProductBio, the better your data gets.
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