"Our acquisition of goods and services creates a carbon footprint
nine times
that of our buildings and fleet, put together."

- Former United States GSA Adminstrator with the EPA at the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council Summit May 21, 2014
With great purchasing power, comes great sourcing responsibility.
Join the Green Spend Challenge to shift 20% of your operational spend towards more sustainable purchases by Earth Day 2018.
Effectively compare purchasing criteria across all product categories.
Measure the spend efficiency of each dollar against your policy and goals to see how well your purchases match your initiatives.
What gets measured, gets managed.
It’s easy to set ambitious targets, but difficult to manage your progress along the way. Evaluate your progress and analyze how to best reach your goals.
Every purchase leaves its mark.
With each purchase, you create changes on the planet and its people. Learn to leverage your purchasing power to address your global impacts.
How well does your city's purchasing align with your goals?

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The Green Spend Challenge: How to Balance Your Sustainability Budget

Understand how well different cities are creating and adhering to Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Policies today and what's in them.
Benchmark your city's procurement footprint of environmental, social, and fiscal impact areas and product categories with other cities.
Communicate how your purchasing policy makes this world a better place with visualizations of your impact offset story told through purchases.
Participating Cities

Berkeley Palo Alto New York City
San Antonio San Diego Seattle
Los Angeles Charlotte Washington D.C.
Portland San Francisco Minneapolis
Detroit Miami Phoenix
Las Vegas New Orleans Toronto

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