We are Silicon Valley's Climate Tech Warriors.

ProductBio was founded by systems ecologist Angela Chen in 2011 with a green vision toward seamless sustainability compliance to make the world better by creating and incentivizing an entirely new and valuable market for a more transparent, equitable, and conscious economy.

Today, our team of dedicated engineers, designers, and sustainability practitioners are working together to influence the $11 Trillion purchase decisions being made in the US toward a more sustainable future. We believe creating and implementing sustainability policies shouldn’t be a burden. Our data-driven tools represent best-in-class information available for Environmentally Preferable Purchasing decisions.

We believe

Enacting sustainability policies shouldn't be a burden.
Transforming the way the world analyzes, shares and compares sustainability practices, good purchasing can now be quantified.

the right approach

Focuses on the power of procurement
By creating a good demand economy that prioritizes the health and well-being of people, animals, and our environment, we can unlock the benefits of collective purchasing power.

leverages ALL the data

We're building dynamic tools for policy-building and reporting.
We translate customer data into meaningful management decision analytics and user tools, work with participating institutions to verify compliance with their EPP policies, assist them in fulfilling their commitments, and celebrate their successes over time.

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Climate Tech Warriors

(Makers of ProductBio v 2.1)
Angela Chen

CEO, Ecologist and Product Architect
M.Phil, University of Cambridge
B.A. UC Berkeley

James Tull

Data Scientist and Engineering Manager
Ph.D. Imperial College London
M.Sc University of Oxford

Katherine Donner

Strategic Data Partnerships Manager
Business Development Rep
M.Sc. University of Edinburgh
B.A. Stanford University

Jeffrey Ma

Software Engineer
B.S. Computer Science
UC Santa Cruz

Tim Ko

Data Engineer
M.Sc. Computer Science, Johns Hopkins
M.Sc. Product Development Engineering, USC
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University

Madeleine Futterman

Sustainability Data Analyst
Business Development Rep
B.A. Environmental Studies
UC Santa Barbara

Seokhyeon Ryu

Software Engineer
B.S. Computer Science
UC Berkeley

Terry Chiang

Data Engineer
M.Sc. USC Data Science
B.S. UCR Business Informatics

Alison Yee

Operations Analyst
B.A. Government Studies
UC Berkeley

Michelle Chang

UI and Visual Designer
B.S. Environmental Science
UC Berkeley

Cecily Foote

UI and Visual Designer
M.A. Environmental Communication
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Stanford University

Engineering and Technical advisors

Cameron Ring

@Plaxo @Dandelion Chocolate @Honor
M.S./B.S. Computer Science @Stanford

Evan Cheng

Director of Engineering

Michael Munie, Ph.D.

Former head of social algorithms
Ph.D. Computer Science

Truong Nguyen, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering
@UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering

Product and Design advisors

Tristan Harris

Former Design Ethicist
B.S., Computer Science

Katherine Chou

Product Lead
M.S./B.S. Computer Science

Terrence Deacon, Ph.D.

Professor, Biological Anthropology
@University of California Berkeley

Arlene Birt

Information Design Consultant, Faculty

Executive mentors and Management advisors

David Ulevitch


Jillian Manus

Managing Partner
@Structure Capital

Mark Helow


Special thanks to our investors

ProductBio is a Code for America Company