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Saving the planet is serious business.
Do you have what it takes?

Company Reviews: Working at ProductBio

Saving the planet is serious business.
Do you have what it takes?

Company Reviews: Working at ProductBio

"This is a company that needs to succeed. I’m proud to work here contributing to the engineering and data efforts with extensively ambitious colleagues and a fantastic support network.

I like the positive attitude and open communication style; team members all pulling in the same direction."

James Tull,

“I'm working with ProductBio
1. because of Angela’s passion for the product and the environment, and
2. because of the possibilities that a database of all products and their supply chains could unlock. We have a product v1, we have contacts with the biggest governmental purchasers, and we're going to grow fast.”

Dr. Michael Munie,

“Every day comes with new engineering challenges anywhere from DevOps to front-end. These trials collectively give me purpose in life and increase my competency as an engineer.

The team is extremely supportive and gives recognition where it is due. I’m extremely lucky and fortunate to be working with this current team; in fact, it is the most functional team that I have ever been a part of.”

Richard Tong,

"The team is very focused on shipping and selling the product. Everyone is pulling their weight.

ProductBio has a grand vision, which I love being a part of realizing. I am proud for this opportunity to influence sustainable spend on such a huge scale. Ship it. Go team.”

Nancy Ku,

“Founding a startup has its ups and downs but I’m happy to say it’s been worth the while. I’ve finally found my cavalry of professional collaborators who know how to build, sell, and operate. Coming to work every day is a joy with my team: ProductBio is in very good hands. We’re continuing to recruit sharp, open-minded, dedicated and humble people focused on delivering impact and seeing our collective mission all the way through.

Sustainability is here to stay and climate resilience is going to be made possible by ProductBio’s climate tech warriors!

Angela Chen,
CEO / Ecologist
"I get the opportunity to geek out everyday with a team of absolutely world-class nerds changing the world.

Mission-oriented, respectful, like-minded, and value-driven. That’s how I would describe my team. I learn from, support, and celebrate with them on every victory and iteration, big and small."

Alison Yee,
“An amazing company with a powerful vision.

As a BD Intern, you will have a wide variety of tasks that bolster ProductBio’s go-to-market efforts. A small startup is an environment where one can learn a ton not only about the space the company works in but also about the huge variety of work required to keep the company alive. I would recommend ProductBio to others because I really enjoyed working with every single member of the team, which is something that I do not think could be said for many companies.”

Jimmy Dalton,
Business Intern, Duke
“It is an exciting time to be joining this team as it is well on its way in producing a tool to transform sustainable purchasing. There will always be something to learn and so long as you have a can-do attitude and maintain an open mind, it will be a very rewarding experience. The team consists of a highly intelligent and resilient group of people who have a huge vision in mind. Come with questions and take full advantage of the wealth of resources that reside within the people around you.”

Michelle Chang
Design Intern, UC Berkeley

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