Introducing the "Dollars Well-Spent" Program

Introducing the Dollars Well-Spent ™ initiative. Join the largest community of public producrement buyers working to shift purchasing decisions toward greener spend.

Jul 17, 2017

The Dollars Well-Spent ™ initiative was launched in June 2017 in recognition of GSA and EPA research showing that public procurement stands to make 9x the environmental impact than that of other sustainability initiatives combined that public procurement stands to make.

Local governments purchase $1.72 trillion of goods annually, therefore ProductBio is connecting cities to help municipalities harness their spend potential. This initiative aims to support local governments in creating sustainable purchasing policies and build a network of cities working together to shift public spend towards better products.

Arizona State University (ASU) recently published findings in June 2017 titled Advancing Green Purchasing in Local Governments in which they conducted a national survey of finance, public works, and environmental directors to survey 459 cities around the US. Overall, they found that 28% of cities have a green purchasing policy, 60% reported they have no policy, and 12% were unsure if their city had a policy or not.

Of the 28% of cities that actually have a policy, they found that 42% stated that implementation was not successful. This shows that there is still a lot of work to be done, and here at ProductBio we have the tools to help create and implement these EPP policies.

The Dollars Well-Spent Initiative is a resource for cities across the US to build an EPP for the first time or build upon their current policy. Even if a city is not currently working on green purchasing but believe they would like to in the future, they can still fill out the questionnaire now to gain membership to the community which will serve as a resource for green purchasing information in the future.

The Dollars Well-Spent community page is also a resource with more information about ProductBio and this initiative.

This initiative is open through the end of July. Become a part of the community by completing a few questions on your role in the city and the city’s overall sustainability programs and/or goals.

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