A Solution for Sustainability Officers

ProductBio is the definitive tool for integrating sustainability into procurement category management.

The world’s first integrated and adaptable cloud-based solution for sustainability management covering regulatory policy development, user implementation, and management reporting of environmentally and socially preferable purchasing performance.

A central place for your departments to submit product categories, managers to review submissions, and to present the policy guidelines back to suppliers, constituency, and elected officials, ProductBio ensures a coordinated policy-building process and distributable enactment period.

B/L (Benefits and Liabilities) Report

The B&L management reporting dashboard is an intuitive, easy-to-read sustainability analytics management tool for both internal and external reporting to stakeholders.

Quantify sustainability of purchase orders.

Beneficiency score is Benefits covered by your sustainable purchasing criteria (EPP policies)/ Liability impact issues of your categories of purchase (POs).

Quickly take action on managing high impact, high spend categories

Identify areas with rapid savings and gains in sustainability potential. Hone in on high-spend, high-impact categories for criteria changes and distribution first and benchmark your performance amongst other organizations like yours. Set targets with and for your operational business units to follow through on.

Spec Share

Compare criteria and ecolabels like a pro.

We understand all kinds of sustainable purchasing data, so you can instantly know what ecolabels look for when certifying products: product attributes, technical specifications, similar ecolabels... It’s all linked in our graph database.

Export EPP/RFP criteria for instant specification.

We have aggregated and annotated all U.S. and most international ecolabels, standardized them into over 400 UNSPSC categories, and made it easily available in one place. This mean a custom spec around your organization’s values is at your fingertip.

Request a demo and receive 3 free sample spec categories!

Take a tour under the hood at how ProductBio works
A categorical example of our value stream impacts mapping data powering up ProductBio →

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