Initial Benefits & Liabilities Diagnostic
ProductBio can help your organization analyze procurement spend in order to understand the sustainability impacts of your purchases and support a sustainable procurement program. The Benefits & Liabilities Diagnostic Report will tell you how and if we can help your organization target your spend towards sustainable products for overall sustainability gains and any potential cost savings.

STEP 1: Meet and Discuss User Needs
  • Discuss user agreement over intake call.
STEP 2: Submit Your Information
  • Submit purchase records for analysis:
    • Purchase Orders from transaction system (SciQuest/Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, etc.) in .XLS or .CSV (recommended column formats provided)
    • Records of P-card purchases
    • Lists of on-contract and known vendors
    • Sample green spend reports from vendors
STEP 3: ProductBio Ingests and Structures Datasets
  • Wait 5-10 business days while ProductBio analyzes:
    • Customer transaction data
    • Vendor data
  • Analysis of regulation and compliance requirements.
STEP 4: Benefits & Liabilities Diagnostic Report
  • ProductBio creates an initial Benefits & Liabilities Diagnostic Report of your green spend efficiency in relation to your current EPP policy or True North of sustainability best practices.
  • Identify key areas of prospective cost savings and sustainability gains potential.
NEXT STEPS: Paid Integration of Full System
  • Gain access to the products page and be able to swap in greener products.
  • Use Benefits & Liabilities Diagnostic Report as benchmark to improve green purchasing.
  • Track and monitor progress over time.
  • Compare yourself against how other peer cities are doing.
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Impact Offsets per Dollar Spent

Next-generation value engineering and spend analytics solutions bridge the gap between sustainability goals and compliance costs to optimize procurement ROI.

Leverage the combined power of millions of structured data points on product attributes and supply chain impact costs — for thousands of purchase categories aggregated from trusted third-party certified sources — to calculate and maximize your Green Spend Efficiency™.

Cost Savings and Sustainability Gains, reportable.

ProductBio’s accounting system monitors for impact offsets of spend from improved selection criteria for policies and products with same value, but better price giving you both savings and choice when planning product selections. Adjust purchase criteria by target impact areas to minimize liabilities while maximizing offset benefits over time to balance your sustainability budget. Upload purchase records to calculate and compare performance in a Benefits and Liabilities (B&L) Balance Sheet™.

Lowest-cost EPP Policy Criteria per category, actionable.

Metrics give accountability and reporting specificity to policy criteria that stretch purchasing dollars for greater compliance coordination and cost savings tradeoffs between finance / sustainability / procurement. Balance your sustainability budget with criteria maximized for impact offsets per dollar spent with a Dynamic Category EPP Builder™.

Best-fit Product Selections per category, findable.

Easy and seamless integration with existing processes and tools for backwards compatibility. Recommended product lists meeting your sustainability criteria at the lowest possible cost, all within budget, vendor contract, and fixed-cost contraints are importable into your purchasing system for Seamless Green Spend Compliance™.

We’ve helped your buyers define Green Spend

According to EPA and GSA, our acquisition of goods and services create nine times the sustainability impact liabilities than any other operational activity. ProductBio’s aggregated database of translated certification data turns sustainability impact goals into automated EPP criteria engine governing product-level category management. Chief Procurement Officers at cities, schools, and companies use ProductBio to find out which vendors’ products best reconcile cost, performance, and sustainability compliance specific to their parameters and green spend targets.

Tell us what you sell

Upload your green attribute database or SKU product catalogue in machine readable formats to automatically translate marketing claims, and product disclosures into buyer-matchable criteria datasets.

Identify your target customers

Match EPPs from public sector institutions to the product SKUs in your catalog based on their green attributes to unlock sales opportunities. Increase your marketing ROI by targeting your sales opportunities more effectively across customer types, category types, or particular organizations. Benchmark your merchandise to stay competitive.

Lead generation

for unknown new customer opportunities.

Market expansion

into new categories within existing customer contracts.

Competitor risk

management of existing contracts to ensure renewals.

Leverage buyer demand for green spend reporting

Give your customers the quantified sustainability reporting they want to fully optimize their procurement ROI. ProductBio’s next-generation value engineering and spend analytics solutions helps you report your products’ impact offsets per dollar to bridge the gap between sustainability targets and compliance costs for your customers in a Benefits and Liabilities (B&L) Report Card™.

Bridging the gap between sustainability goals and the cost of compliance.

Benefits & Liabilities (B&L) reports track, monitor, and showcase progress as you balance your sustainability budget. View progress and performance over time in monthly Benefits and Liabilities reports that analyze procurement spend to identify target areas to reduce impacts and improve green spend. Track purchase orders, RFPs, and PCard receipts to analyze end-user compliance and adjust departmental criteria and product recommendations to maximize your green spend.

B&L Web Application

A web application which allows the user to balance their sustainability budget. The user is scored on green spend and given recommendations based upon their constraint selections. The constraints include vendors, product categories, products and overall budget. By choosing which aspects of their spending are fixed, ProductBio is able to recommend a basket of goods which is best fit to those criteria.

B&L Balance Sheet

Given purchase orders from the user we score their performance across impact areas, departments, product categories and determine how much of their overall spend was green. Here green is defined as above being product category specific threshold. The threshold is equal to max(mean score + 1 standard, 10) where the scores are the benefit efficiency scores of each product within a product category.

B&L Benchmarking Reports

The Benefits and Liability Balance Sheet results are used to benchmark and compare to peers. Percentile scores across impact areas, product categories, departments and vendors are compared across similar organisations.

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